What does the term Acetal Resin gears means on the oscillating sprinklers?

Acetal Resin is an engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts that require high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. Advantages are: chemically resistant, very low water absorption, resistant to hydrolysis by base.

Can I use any type of spray nozzle on my Rotoroll or must it be a Claber nozzle?

Yes, but for best water performance we suggest to use only Claber

My timer will not turn on or shut off: why?

  1. Check the battery level
  2. Check that battery and cables are well connected.
  3. Check for dirty filter.
  4. Remove timer face plate, unscrew brass cover and then nickel piston case; gently pull it out to reveal the black rubber o-ring, check for hard water build up in all crevices that can be easily removed by using warm water with a soft bristle brush.

Why my timer leaks?

  1. Check your faucet connection, if unit is attached properly, the timer will be angled toward you.
  2. Check that black o-ring sits on the bottom of the filter connection.

Can I program only 1 watering cycle in the Video 2, Video 6 and Duplo water timer?

Yes, and remember that you can choose also on what day of the week make it work.

Can I program multiple cycles on one line on the Aquadue Duplo?

Yes, it is possible in just a few steps. Remember that programs 1, 3 and 5 refer to line A and programs 2, 4 and 6 refer to line B. For example, you have decided to use only line A (programs 1, 3 and 5):

  1. Initially you have to set all the 6 watering programs (both line A and line B)
  2. When all programs entered, use RIGHT arrow to locate all line B programs in “Closed” position*
  3. When deleting programs on either line, deletion must be in reverse. Ex. if deleting program on line B, program 6 is to be deleted first, then program 4, then program 2
  4. When in each line B “Closed” position, to delete, press OK, then push LEFT and then RIGHT arrow keys in quick sequence.
    At the end only programs 1, 3 and 5 (line A) will work.

If I set my hose vertically, does something change in pressure?

Yes, for every 33′ whether lined up or down, there will be a gain/loss of 14.5 PSI.

Can I use additional hose length in my irrigation system?

If wanting to increase the length of the distribution hose to 1000′ will be at your own risk. Depending on the number of drippers by the time the water hits the end of the line there will not be enough water to feed through. The dripper set up should be kept to a bare minimum.

What is the capacity of the water timer included?

PSI 2.9 14.5 29 36.2 43.5 58 72.5
gal/min 1.19 4.23 5.81 6.6 7.13 8.19 9.25

What is the capacity of drippers? How many drippers needed?

Flow can be adjusted from 0 to .026 (max) gallons per minute per dripper.

  • Example 1:
    If you have a water pressure of 29 PSI, the water timer will bring to the hose 5.8 gallons per minute allowing set up for 223 drippers if needed.
  • Example 2:
    If you have a water pressure of 14.5 PSI, the water timer will bring o the hose 4.2 gallons per minute allowing set up for 160 drippers if needed.

The theory is that the flow cannot exceed .026 gal/min therefore the drippers set up needs to be coordinated with the PSI; the practical solution is that, since you do not get constant watering per dripper, the max number of drippers to use should not exceed 150 drippers w/66′ of distribution hose.

The water does not come out, what can I do?

Check the following:

  1. Check the battery level
  2. Distribution hose has no kinks and restrictions
  3. Tank is sitting 2.5 feet above the highest pot
  4. Remove air pockets from distribution hoses as follows:
    • turn system on
    • remove the hose from any dripper; place finger on hose end and wait for water to flow from the dripper
    • place finger on dripper end; once water flows from the hose, remove finger from dripper and water should be flowing from both ends, hold on a minutes
    • at this point reconnect hose to dripper
  5. Distribution hose is firmly connected to both nipples located under the front panel
  6. Clean drippers:
    • while holding the dripper turn gray piece towards you so that it is on horizontal position
    • pull out both pieces of dripper in opposite directions; use a pair of pliers to assist making sure to not damage dripper in any way
    • clean dripper inside with warm water and distilled vinegar
    • once cleaned, snap drippers and firm together
  7. Follow the routine cleaning and maintenance procedure

How do I correctly maintain it?

When the Oasis tank has been emptied and not used for at least a month, traces of dirt or limescale needs to be cleaned from the internal parts of the system as follows:

  1. Detach the front panel and disconnect the control wires from the solenoid
  2. Simply unscrew the solenoid valve from sniffer, which is the component where the small bore of rubber hoses emerge
  3. Clean the rubber seal on the internal plunger of the solenoid, using a damp sponge (do not use any type of cleaning agent)
  4. Reassemble the parts, by screwing the solenoid securely to the sniffer and reinstate the control wire: red-positive, black-negative
  5. The Oasis system can now be returned to operation

Instruction manuals

Battery powered timers
Cod 8420 Aquadue DUPLO Evolution English 2.502 KB 25/06/2015 download
Cod 8420 Aquadue DUPLO Evolution French 2.486 KB 25/06/2015 download
Cod 8420 Aquadue DUPLO Evolution Spanish 2.483 KB 25/06/2015 download
Cod 8422 Aquauno Logica english 1.437 KB 29/07/2015 download
Cod 8422 Aquauno Logica french 1.449 KB 29/07/2015 download
Cod 8422 Aquauno Logica spanish 1.443 KB 29/07/2015 download
Cod 8428 Aquauno Video 2 english 1.589 KB 29/07/2015 download
Cod 8428 Aquauno Video 2 french 1.598 KB 29/07/2015 download
Cod 8428 Aquauno Video 2 spanish 1.594 KB 29/07/2015 download
Cod 8486 Tempo Select Advanced Push-Button Digital Water Timer 9.315 KB 22/06/2016 download
Cod 8487 Tempo Hybrid Digital Solar Powered Water Timer 7.329 KB 22/06/2016 download
Cod 8488 Dual-Select Advanced Push-Button Digital Water Timer 11.818 KB 22/06/2016 download
Cod 90915 Rain Sensor 295 KB 27/04/2015 download
Drip Irrigation Kit
Cod 8053 Oasis USA 24.373 KB 25/06/2015 download
Hose Reels
Cod 8894 Metal Gemini 2.981 KB 26/06/2015 download
Cod 8900 jumbo 4 wheel hose cart 8.782 KB 25/06/2015 download
Cod 8990 Rotoroll 14.728 KB 26/06/2015 download