SKU 90915 Rain Sensor (for model 8420, 8486, 8488)

This Rain Sensor is designed to operate with the #8410 Duplo 2-line water timer only. Avoid unnecessary wastage of water by turning off sprinklers when raining. The system will shut down when the internal flow reaches a total level of 2 ounces. Programming will resume when the water evaporates. Supplied with a stainless steel wall bracket, install the sensor in a clear area up to 6 ft. away from the water timer without any type of vegetation coverage and away from sprinklers. It is important to keep the orange cover in place to keep out leaves and/or impurities that could impair operation.

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  • Made In Italy
  • Automatically shuts down the timer when it rains and resumes programs when water evaporates from housing
  • Includes stainless stell wall bracket, screws and 6 foot cable
  • Special design cover to prevent small animals from resting on the rain sensor
  • Compatible only with Claber models 8420, 8486, 8488
  • 2 Year Warranty

W x H x D

WEIGHT (ounces)
3.3 x 4.2 x 3.3 5.6

SKU 90915 Rain Sensor (for model 8420, 8486, 8488)