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    The Aqua-Magic System is a solar powered, independent ready-to-use drip kit. The drip irrigation system has no faucet and no electrical connection. The system includes a timer, a photovoltaic panel and a built-in pump that draws water from a tank, filters the water, and then distributes to 20 self-regulating drippers. The photovoltaic panel absorbs the light energy and turns it into electrical energy which is accumulated through 2 rechargeable AA 1.2V NiMH 1800mAH batteries (not included). The Aqua-Magic System can be used with any tank.

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    Aquauno Video-2 Cycle Water Timer
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    Forget to water your plants, Aqualux System will do it for you!
    Aqualux System is the new versatile system by Claber, for watering pot plants without the need of a faucet connection.
    Aqualux can be assembled in just a few minutes and comes complete with a flexible 8-gallon tank. The integrated electric pump activates a drip irrigation system for watering up to 20 pots, choosing among 4 different daily programs (up to 4 weeks). The power supply system is innovative, with a USB adapter to connect it to the mains, or 2 AA rechargeable batteries, that guarantee operation for the full duration of the set program, even when there is no connection to the power supply. This versatile, reliable and easy-to-use solution sets up a drip irrigation system to meet the most different needs, leaving watering cans and faucets behind.
    Life is easier and your house is greener with Aqualux System.

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  • Aquapass-Hose-Cassette-with-50-Feet-of-12-Inch-Hose_8974

    The Aquapass has the ability to feed water through the hose when partially or completely wound. Wall mountable or portable the lightweight, high impact construction and practical handle allows you to carry the Aquapass where needed. Ideal use is for lawns, garden or when camping or boating. Includes 50′ of 1/2″ hose, quick-click couplings, 5′ lead hose, spray pistol and wall bracket.

  • Faucet-To-Garden-Hose-Quick-Connector-Set_8458

    Converts any twist-on faucet and hose-end to a convenient click-on, click-off snap fit system. Made of UV-stabilized ABS plastic.

  • Metal-Gemini-Garden-Hose-Reel-with-230-Foot-58-Inch-Hose-Capacity_8894

    This industrial sized hose cart is constructed entirely of epoxy resin coated metal and treated with ”silent-block” to prevent wearing of metal-to-metal connections. This enhances the resistance to the outdoor elements and personal use. Galvanized steel handle and frame with rubber molded wheels provides stability on any type of surface and easy moves across the lawn. No tools required for assembly. The Metal Gemini will hold up to 300’ of 5/8” hose or 400’ of 1/2” hose. Includes 5’ of lead hose and faucet connections.

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    Metal Gemini Garden Hose Reel with 230-Foot 5/8-Inch Hose Capacity
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  • Metal-Jet-Garden-Hose-Nozzle_9567

    Heavy duty spray nozzle with resistant, inalterable chrome metal components, new anatomical rubber grip and convenient front on-off flow mechanism. Metal knob at rear adjusts strength of water jet and pistol body is rubber lined for protection against impact. Water flow can be adjusted as required, from completely closed (concentrated) to
    completely open (fan spray).

    Metal-Jet Garden Hose Nozzle
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  • Multi-Jet-Garden-Hose-Nozzle_9563

    Multifunction spray nozzle with new anatomical rubber grip and convenient front on-off flow button. Includes 4 spray options for a comfortable use. Rear knob adjusts strength of water jet and rubber lined lock nut protects against impact. Opens easily for inspection and cleaning of pistol.

    Multi-Jet Garden Hose Nozzle
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  • Trigger-Action-Garden-Hose-Spray-Nozzle_8967

    Professional heavy-duty, jet spray pistol handles water flow change by a pressure sensitive handle. Orange lock nut can be rotated 90 degrees to lock any water pattern in place for a continuous spray and releases with a single touch. Made of UV-stabilized and weatherproof ABS plastic.