Tempo Hybrid Digital Solar Powered Water Timer

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Tempo Hybrid Digital Solar Powered Water Timer

Claber research presents a water timer that is the next generation in ecology, versatility and reliability. The integrated energy conservation solar panel uses the clean, unlimited energy from the sun, while the 1.5 volt battery inside guarantees operation in all weather conditions. Tempo Hybrid is ready for immediate use and allows you to manage irrigation with the utmost versatility and ease. The backlit displays offers optimal legibility and gives you complete control over water timer operation. Tried and tested for reliable, hassle-free operation, it is fitted to connect with the Rain Sensor device, which interrupts the selected program in the event of rain and starts it again automatically when the rain has stopped.

Tempo Hybrid Digital Solar Powered Water Timer
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  • Made in Italy
  • Equipped with built-in photovoltaic panel, timer is powered by solar energy
  • Watering cycles range from as little as 5 seconds up to 89 minutes, up to 4 starts a day
  • Maximum flexibility in scheduling the weekly irrigation: select even/odd days function or choose your weekly schedule for each program
  • Indicator of weekly water consumption for each program set
  • Backlit large LCD screen for easy to read settings under all conditions
  • Manual mode allows program interruption without altering settings
  • ¾” Female faucet connector with pivoting ring for easy access and best sunlight orientation
  • Reinforced structure with electronic components fully insulated
  • Optional connection to Rain Sensor for watering efficiency (item 90915)
  • One 1.5V AA Alkaline battery required (not included) for back-up operation
  • 2-year Warranty
DIMENSIONS  (inches)

W x H x D

WEIGHT (ounces)
3.3 x 6.4 x 4.3 16.5
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