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Aqua-magic System

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Want to set up a drip irrigation system without a tap or a power socket? Now you can with Aqua-Magic System, an exclusive timer that exploits sunlight energy through its built-in photovoltaic panel and features an integrated pump to draw water from any provided tank. Up to 54 different irrigation programmes can be set using two simple dials, to meet all your irrigation requirements. Aqua-Magic System is a complete kit which includes all the components (feeding tube, drippers, couplings and stakes) to set up a drip irrigation line easily and without the need for any special tool, for delivering always just the right amount of water to up to 20 pots.

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Tempo Hybrid

Tempo Hybrid usa

Claber research presents a water timer that is next generation in ecology, versatility and reliability. The integrated photovoltaic panel uses the clean, unlimited energy from the sun, while the 1.5 volt battery inside guarantees sure operation in all weather conditions. Tempo Hybrid is ready for immediate use and allows you to manage irrigation with the utmost versatility and ease. The backlit displays offers optimal legibility and gives you complete control over water timer operation. Tried and tested for reliable, hassle-free operation, it is fitted to connect with the Rain Sensor device, which interrupts the selected program in the event of rain and starts it again automatically when the rain has stopped: also in wireless radio frequency version.

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